Domaine christophe mestre

The Mestre family is one of the older of Chateauneuf

The Mestre family is one of the older of Chateauneuf, wine grower since four generations : Marius, Jean, Jacques and now, Christophe

Jean was cultivating 12 hectares. Jacques was supposed to become baker, but, thanks to a flour allergy, he started working with his father.

In 1966, he married Gabrielle MICHEL and over the years, thanks to them, the estate has been growing 

Now, Christophe heads a 17 hectares estate. He’s passionate about his work, the vineyard and the wine. He is involved in the production of fine wine, respecting traditions, authenticity and environment. 

Tradition and excellence

Chateauneuf du Pape is known for its wines
around the world.

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Harvest starts the 3rd September, with a hot and sunny weather. Finishes the 23rd September.

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